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Date IconJun 27, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Cara Belvin: She’s Empowering Girls Who’ve Faced Loss

Have you ever gone through something difficult and felt completely alone in it? Adding isolation to the mix makes your heart even…

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Date IconJun 26, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Rachel Francine: She’s Turning Music into Medicine

Do you have a favorite song that reminds you of a specific person, time or memory? Whether it’s a sweet melody by…

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Date IconJun 23, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Maxine Bédat and Soraya Darabi: She’s Leading the Whole Foods of Fashion

If you’ve ever checked out a vintage-clothing store, you’ve probably stumbled upon at least one handmade vintage dress that you couldn’t pass…

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Date IconJun 22, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Lili Cheng: She’s a Robot Boss

Every time I eat at a restaurant and see a purse hook under the table, I know a woman was involved in…

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Date IconJun 21, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Sarah Herron: She’s Lifting Girls’ Self-confidence

My girlfriends and I recently went on an adventure inside an escape room, one of those places where they lock you in…

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Date IconJun 20, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Jess Lively: She’s Living Intentionally

Recently, when my dentist mentioned a spat with her 15-year-old daughter, the hygienist and I both reacted similarly, remembering our own teen…

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Date IconJun 19, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Rose Afriyie: She’s Providing Relief for Families in Need

Recently, I’ve taken more notice of the trend of women getting burned out early in their careers. Sometimes this can lead to…

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Date IconJun 16, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Samantha Rapoport: She’s Tackling Gender Issues in the NFL

From the well-loved movie Rudy to the popular TV show Friday Night Lights, football is practically a second language for Americans. I…

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