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Date IconNov 22, 2017Avatarchantal

Polina Raygorodskaya: She’s Wandering

I was recently riding the Denver airport train en route to baggage claim. With almost each stop along the way, the doors…

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Date IconNov 21, 2017Avatarchantal

Amanda de Cadenet: She’s Embracing the Messy Life

Brilliant, confident, passionate, courageous: These are just a handful of complimentary words to describe someone. Oftentimes, a word like “pretty” is the…

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Date IconNov 20, 2017Avatarchantal

Arianna O’Dell: She’s a Digital Nomad

When I rented my mermaid costume for Halloween, I asked the shop attendant for a short, colored wig. The perplexed employee responded,…

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Date IconNov 17, 2017Avatarchantal

Karla Friede: She’s Showin’ You the Money

I recently read a Fast Company article about how to use social media for business. The author concedes these platforms are “noisy”…

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Date IconNov 16, 2017Avatarchantal

Polina Veksler and Alexandra Waldman: She’s Making Sure Fashion Comes in All Sizes

We live in a world in which advertising comes in a lot of different forms, but not too many sizes. For instance,…

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Date IconNov 15, 2017Avatarchantal

Gina Bianchini: She’s Building Mighty Networks

You’re visibly sweaty. You’re slurping your drink a little too fast. You’re sucking in your stomach so your blazer stays buttoned. Where…

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Date IconNov 14, 2017Avatarchantal

Nadine Bubeck: She’s a Miracle Mama

When a friend’s baby and my best little buddy was diagnosed with a lifelong disease that affects one in every million infants,…

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Date IconNov 13, 2017Avatarchantal

Rachel Green: She’s a Lady Leader

Today, we’re tackling what it means to be a leader. I’m sure words like “hustle” and “the daily grind” come to mind…

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