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Date IconDec 15, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Nina MacLaughlin: She’s a Hammer-toting Carpentrix

If you’ve been to a hip new bar or restaurant lately, chances are you’ve seen one particular building material in abundance: wood.…

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Date IconDec 14, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Kimberly Bryant: She’s Increasing Tech Diversity

Have you ever noticed the most ignorant opinions often come from people who are stuck in the antiquated days of the past?…

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Date IconDec 13, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Hadyn Hilton: She’s a Cool Cat

There’s a running joke here at On The Dot that if there’s a way I can slip in some sort of tidbit…

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Date IconDec 12, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Marie Heron: She’s Offering Hope After MS

They say attitude is everything, and I’m starting to think they’re right! When we’re facing some of life’s toughest challenges, like divorce,…

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Date IconDec 11, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Nicole Snow: She’s Spinning Darn Good Yarn

Knitting, sewing and other skills have long been categorized as women’s work. Usually, if something is deemed “a woman’s job,” my rebellious…

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Date IconDec 8, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Poorvi Patodia: She’s a Chickpea Chick

Hey, ladies, do you like to snack in front of the TV? Who doesn’t, right? Should you want to amp up your…

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Date IconDec 7, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Keri Fosse: She’s Keeping Newborns Cozy

When one of my good friends was pregnant with her first child, she was utterly flabbergasted by all the rules. Don’t do…

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Date IconDec 6, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Marsha Milam: She’s in Good Spirits

Ladies, get your spirits up! We’re talking about that golden-hued, barrel-aged, sweet-sipping firewater: whiskey. It’s a boozy beverage that has its roots…

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