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...every morning, you took just 4 minutes to hear a story about an incredible woman who has stepped off the cliff and is making it happen? How would your mindset change if those relatable role models were part of your morning routine--every morning? How would the larger conversation about the advancement of women change if we all took a little step because we saw someone like us do it first? On The Dot is your beacon of light, shining its beam on the impact, action, struggle and success of women around the globe. If you can’t BE what you can’t SEE, take off the blinders and join our movement.


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Date IconApr 19, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Daina Trout: She’s the Queen of Kombucha

Have you ever watched that TV show Bizarre Foods? If you’re looking to shed a few pounds and resist the pantry, one…

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Date IconApr 18, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Grace Kim: She’s Bringing Communities Together

Do you think much about how buildings are designed? Yeah, me neither. I’ll notice a lavish veranda or a shabby mezzanine but…

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Date IconApr 17, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Elva Carri: She’s Got Your New Girl Crew

Friends come in many forms. When you go through a challenging time in your life, you can more easily identify your friendships…

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Date IconApr 16, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Michelle Houp: She’s a No-sweat Entrepreneur

Have you heard of the phrase “boy mom”? It’s exactly what it sounds like. While there’s no tried and true way for…

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Date IconApr 13, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Tali Gumbiner and Lizzie Wilson: She’s a Fearless Girl

Today, we’re talking about fearlessness. Of course, there are varying levels of fearlessness. There’s the you-are-out-of-your-mind level. You know, like when contestants…

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Date IconApr 12, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Tonya Dalton: She’s Giving You the Power to Be Productive

I recently came across a letter board displaying what has never felt like a truer statement to me: “I don’t need to…

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Date IconApr 11, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Kristina Jones: She’s Your Court Buddy

OK, I’ll admit it: My #WomanCrushWednesday is Judge Judy. If I could just have 10 percent of her smart sass, I’d be…

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Date IconApr 10, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Komal Ahmad: She’s Helping Eliminate Hunger

In 1996, the World Food Summit declared access to adequate food is a fundamental right of every human being. Its action plan…

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