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Date IconOct 17, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Aylin Doker: She’s Coming Up Rosé

This summer, I went on a wine tour in Northern California. Girl, I was living my best life. I completed the tour…

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Date IconOct 16, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Kelly McNelis: She’s Sharing Her Messy Brilliance

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve realized there’s one quality we all need to survive: patience. At times, I think I’ve got it down.…

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Date IconOct 13, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Sharon Blumberg: She’s ‘Choozing’ Self-expression

As I walked by a kids’ clothing boutique, I declared, “I wish I could wear that!” Out loud. To no one. Kids’…

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Date IconOct 12, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Kathryn Petralia: She’s Funding Small Business

As Texas was hit this summer with catastrophic rainfall and flooding from Hurricane Harvey, calls for donations were widespread. And charitable folks…

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Date IconOct 11, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Marlene Veloso and Erin McConaghy: She’s Curating Kid Care

Have you noticed how some parents are very careful what they say around their infants, even chiding friends who use inappropriate language…

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Date IconOct 10, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Kavita Shukla: She’s Fighting Food Waste

When I lived with five roommates in college, we shared a narrow fridge roughly the size of a shoebox, which meant we…

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Date IconOct 9, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Becky Blalock: She’s Daring

They say money can’t buy happiness, and I tend to agree. However, there’s definitely one way it does, in addition to, you…

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Date IconOct 6, 2017AvatarOn The Dot

Ibtihaj Muhammad: She’s a Fencing Queen

I recently stumbled across a blog post written by a woman reminiscing about her high-school gym class. Lucky her: The school had…

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