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...every morning, you took just 4 minutes to hear a story about an incredible woman who has stepped off the cliff and is making it happen? How would your mindset change if those relatable role models were part of your morning routine--every morning? How would the larger conversation about the advancement of women change if we all took a little step because we saw someone like us do it first? On The Dot is your beacon of light, shining its beam on the impact, action, struggle and success of women around the globe. If you can’t BE what you can’t SEE, take off the blinders and join our movement.


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Date IconJan 19, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Natasha Adamo: She’s the Expert on Post Male Syndrome

At a concert I recently attended, the band played several songs about love, both lost and found. One of the musicians talked…

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Date IconJan 18, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Kristin Neff: She’s a Self-compassion Sage

What have you learned as a woman coming of age? For me—and this might seem a little corny, but it’s true—it’s to…

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Date IconJan 17, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Issa Rae: She’s Embracing Awkwardness

There’s a word that’s been bugging me lately: normal. If you look at Facebook groups, online forums and the like, you’ll see…

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Date IconJan 16, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Kayla Itsines: She’s Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s 2018, and I know what you’re probably thinking about: those dreaded New Year’s resolutions. By now, you’ve seen all the articles…

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Date IconJan 15, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Jessica Naziri: She’s Making Geek Chic

There’s a silly joke that’s made the rounds on the internet that I just had to share. A kid sees a floppy…

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Date IconJan 12, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Katie Dill: She’s Lyfting Your User Experience

There are plenty of ways to make a workplace more inclusive. Spoiler alert: Throwing beanbag chairs and a juice bar into the…

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Date IconJan 11, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Martha Pincoffs: She’s the Original Grainster

When you get home from a long day of listening to your colleague Randy ramble on about how overworked he is, the…

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Date IconJan 10, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Carla Williams: She’s Ruling College Athletics

If you’re a sports fan, you’re probably not shy about rooting for your favorite MVPs in the game. You always choose them…

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