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...every morning, you took just 4 minutes to hear a story about an incredible woman who has stepped off the cliff and is making it happen? How would your mindset change if those relatable role models were part of your morning routine--every morning? How would the larger conversation about the advancement of women change if we all took a little step because we saw someone like us do it first? On The Dot is your beacon of light, shining its beam on the impact, action, struggle and success of women around the globe. If you can’t BE what you can’t SEE, take off the blinders and join our movement.


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Date IconMay 23, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Alyza Bohbot: How to Support Female Coffee Farmers

Last night, I slept four measly hours, interrupted by drawn-out periods of thinking about sleep. Thinking isn’t even a strong enough word…

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Date IconMay 22, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Four Ways To Shake Up Your Management Style With Agile

Inspired by the Agile approach to development, Michelle Peluso applied the principles and structure of this software-development methodology to her marketing management…

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Date IconMay 22, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Michelle Peluso: Achieve Work/Life Balance, Even in the C-Suite

Posters on telephone poles, billboards on the highway, commercials during prime time, sponsored social-media stories: These are all forms of marketing, but…

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Date IconMay 21, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Millennial Management: Five Tips From Mogul Founder Tiffany Pham

Tiffany Pham is the Founder and CEO of Mogul, a digital hub for women to connect, share information, and access knowledge from…

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Date IconMay 21, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Tiffany Pham: Need Entrepreneurial Advice? Ask a Mogul

Our mission when we launched On The Dot back in 2016 was simple: Provide women with stories of relatable female role models.…

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Date IconMay 18, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Marika Flatt: How to Become a Media Maven

Do you ever use a product without realizing you have no clue how it’s made? Take the stuff we read, for instance,…

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Date IconMay 17, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Emma González: Use Your Vote as Your Voice

Apathy doesn’t create movements. Indifference doesn’t illicit change. When Gandhi and 60,000 Indians marched in protest of British rule in 1930, they…

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Date IconMay 16, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Remi Ishizuka: How to Have a Productive Morning

When you think of self-care, what comes to mind? Engaging in luxurious spa routines and embracing moments of Zen pop up in…

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