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...every morning, you took just 4 minutes to hear a story about an incredible woman who has stepped off the cliff and is making it happen? How would your mindset change if those relatable role models were part of your morning routine--every morning? How would the larger conversation about the advancement of women change if we all took a little step because we saw someone like us do it first? On The Dot is your beacon of light, shining its beam on the impact, action, struggle and success of women around the globe. If you can’t BE what you can’t SEE, take off the blinders and join our movement.


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Date IconJun 22, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Pamela Galloway-Tabb: Excelling as a Woman in Journalism

Today’s On The Dot is hot off the press, except it hasn’t been surrendered to the inner workings of an offset printing…

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Date IconJun 21, 2018Avatarkathrynzaremba

Say Yes to The Wallpaper!

Do you want to wallpaper your space but are too terrified to do it? Check out these five tips from our Woman…

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Date IconJun 21, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Kate Zaremba: The One Thing You Need to Spruce Up a Room

“These curtains are permanent. They are never coming down!” That’s what my partner said while meeting his match with a drill and…

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Date IconJun 20, 2018Avataralexlongoria

Top Five Online Education Sources for the Curious Mind

  There are countless reasons for furthering your education, too many to count really. Perhaps you want to get a leg up…

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Date IconJun 20, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Daphne Koller: How to Get an Education in Your PJs

During the weekend, I attended a conference full of educators and innovators. In more than a couple sessions, panelists contended particular careers…

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Date IconJun 19, 2018AvatarMarianne Malina

Building Confidence Through Independence

On my 13th birthday, I came home to a huge present, which was rare because my parents never gave me gigantic presents,…

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Date IconJun 19, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Marianne Malina: Raise Hell Like a Texas Woman

Let’s travel to a place where everything’s bigger. We’re talking about Texas, and particularly about its feisty females. From Latin recording artist…

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Date IconJun 18, 2018AvatarOn The Dot

Alisa Vitti: Take Control Over Your Hormones

I walked into my local doughnut shop and the owner recognized me. You know what that means: I’m a regular. I eat…

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