Piera Gelardi_FI

May 26, 2017On The Dot

Piera Gelardi: She’s Redefining Refined

As an independent woman, I pride myself on not giving a rat’s tail about what other people think about me. But sometimes,…

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Cheryl Yannotti Foland_FI

May 25, 2017On The Dot

Cheryl Yannotti Foland: She’s Simplifying Beauty

The other day, I bought my favorite hair product since I was running low. Later, while digging through my linen closet, I…

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Susannah Wellford_FI

May 24, 2017On The Dot

Susannah Wellford: She’s Bringing Young Women to Politics

When you were younger, was there a female in your life who gave you a good glimpse of what leadership really means?…

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Samantha Nutt_FI

May 23, 2017On The Dot

Samantha Nutt: She’s Fighting for a World Where No Child Knows War

Actress Zosia Mamet recently wrote a stirring essay about what it means to be a woman. She recounted past boyfriends who were…

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Patrice Banks_FI

May 22, 2017On The Dot

Patrice Banks: She’s Putting Women in the Fast Lane

I have a confession to make: That “maintenance required” light on my car’s dashboard has been illuminated for the past three months.…

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Erica Barrett_FI

May 19, 2017On The Dot

Erica Barrett: She’s Redefining Breakfast With Southern Flair

Remember when you were in high school and were automatically slapped with a character label? For instance, in the classic ’80s film…

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Kerri Couillard_FI

May 18, 2017On The Dot

Kerri Couillard: She’s Your Baby’s New Concierge

Most of us have experienced this situation: You’re standing in your overstuffed garage, staring mindlessly at that bike you never ride, your…

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Kaylen Ralph and Joanna Demkiewicz_FI

May 17, 2017On The Dot

Kaylen Ralph and Joanna Demkiewicz: She’s Riveting

If you’ve ever watched a reality show (Don’t worry, I won’t tell!), chances are you’ve occasionally seen women brazenly stereotype other women.…

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Liliya Treyger_FI

May 16, 2017On The Dot

Liliya Treyger: She’s Bringing a New Vibe to Fashion

When a woman walks into the room wearing exactly what she wants for that day, it says so much about her. Take…

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Henriette Kolb_FI

May 15, 2017On The Dot

Henriette Kolb: She’s Banking on Equality

While some neighborhood kids were recently wildly jumping on their trampoline, I heard one boy holler, “You can’t do that; you’re a…

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May 12, 2017On The Dot

Tiffany Wilson: She’s Innovating Health Care

In the 1990s, there was a popular TV show based in the 19th century called Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Jane Seymour’s character…

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Teresa and Laurin Hodge_FI

May 11, 2017On The Dot

Teresa Hodge and Laurin Hodge: She’s on a Mission

When the witty and poignant series Orange is the New Black about a women’s prison was released in 2013, it launched a…

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