Apr 19, 2018On The Dot

Daina Trout: She’s the Queen of Kombucha

Have you ever watched that TV show Bizarre Foods? If you’re looking to shed a few pounds and resist the pantry, one…

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Apr 18, 2018On The Dot

Grace Kim: She’s Bringing Communities Together

Do you think much about how buildings are designed? Yeah, me neither. I’ll notice a lavish veranda or a shabby mezzanine but…

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Apr 17, 2018On The Dot

Elva Carri: She’s Got Your New Girl Crew

Friends come in many forms. When you go through a challenging time in your life, you can more easily identify your friendships…

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Apr 16, 2018On The Dot

Michelle Houp: She’s a No-sweat Entrepreneur

Have you heard of the phrase “boy mom”? It’s exactly what it sounds like. While there’s no tried and true way for…

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Apr 13, 2018On The Dot

Tali Gumbiner and Lizzie Wilson: She’s a Fearless Girl

Today, we’re talking about fearlessness. Of course, there are varying levels of fearlessness. There’s the you-are-out-of-your-mind level. You know, like when contestants…

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Apr 12, 2018On The Dot

Tonya Dalton: She’s Giving You the Power to Be Productive

I recently came across a letter board displaying what has never felt like a truer statement to me: “I don’t need to…

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Apr 11, 2018On The Dot

Kristina Jones: She’s Your Court Buddy

OK, I’ll admit it: My #WomanCrushWednesday is Judge Judy. If I could just have 10 percent of her smart sass, I’d be…

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Apr 10, 2018On The Dot

Komal Ahmad: She’s Helping Eliminate Hunger

In 1996, the World Food Summit declared access to adequate food is a fundamental right of every human being. Its action plan…

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Apr 9, 2018On The Dot

Maryam Montague: She’s Helping Moroccan Girls Soar

When I say the word “Morocco,” what comes to mind? Beat author William S. Burroughs wrote his famous novel Naked Lunch in…

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Apr 6, 2018On The Dot

Katie Stagliano: She’s Cultivating a Solution to Hunger

I desperately want a green thumb. While I don’t have a completely useless thumb, I can’t tell you how many of those…

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Apr 5, 2018On The Dot

Yvonne Campos: She’s Steel City’s Angel

This year, I casually decided to follow through. Let me explain. I don’t know about you, but I love to take on…

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Apr 4, 2018On The Dot

Padmasree Warrior: She’s Driving the Future of Autonomous Cars

Here’s a story that will let the air out of your tires: Henry Ford—you know, the Ford guy—shook things up by hiring…

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