Jul 18, 2018sheena

Lynn McBee: How All-girls Schools Are Changing Education

Do you remember watching any movies or TV shows about high school? “That’s what it will be like,” you thought. “Maybe I’ll…

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Jul 17, 2018sheena

Nancy Pfund: Why You Should Invest in Causes You Care About

I’ve been thinking about money lately. (Thanks, tax season!) While having a whole lot of cash affords us a certain kind of…

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Jul 16, 2018sheena

Jennifer Sirangelo: How Youth-development Programs Produce Leaders

When was the last time you actually listened to a teenager or college student? It’s almost instinctive to ignore those younger than…

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Jul 13, 2018sheena

Sarah Robb O’Hagan: How Good Habits and Training Improve Your Work Life

If you are a career gal, whether with entry-level or boss status, add The Power of Habit to your shopping list. It’s…

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Jul 12, 2018sheena

Katie Martell: How ‘Femvertising’ is Failing Female Consumers

Regardless of whether you want to admit it, you’ve bought something because of how it was marketed. If you’re a one-woman business…

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Jul 11, 2018sheena

Amanda Gates: Feng Shui Your Way to Balance

We’ve all heard of feng shui, right? You know, the design idea that deters you from placing items in your home all…

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Jul 10, 2018sheena

Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu: Be the Bombe in the Kitchen

A certain toddler I know enjoys food like nothing I’ve seen before. Give him a cupcake and he’ll hold it, look at…

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Jul 9, 2018sheena

Susan Liu: How to Find Startup Success

Whether you’re in charge of employees at your startup or simply leading a monthly book club, there’s an invisible task you definitely…

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Jul 6, 2018sheena

Ciara Donlon: Take Back Your Woman Power

Do you remember your first visible scar? I remember mine, back when I believed my skin would be blemish-free for, like, forever.…

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Jul 5, 2018sheena

Arlan Hamilton: How to Get Unprecedented Access to Funding

When my girlfriends and I casually discuss our goals—beyond hitting up dim-sum night, that is—we think big. I’m talking one-big-leap-just-behind-landing-on-the-moon big. That’s…

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Jul 3, 2018sheena

Lisa Mitchell: Learn How Your Body Language Can Propel Your Career

Have you ever watched a movie in which two people are supposed to be in love but you just don’t buy it?…

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Jul 2, 2018sheena

Joséphine Goube: Empowering the Displaced With Technology

Today’s Woman to Watch has landed on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs list—twice—proving you’re never too young to get going on…

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