Apr 21, 2017On The Dot

Julia Fisher Farbman: She’s Our Modern Hero

Following the stock-market crash in the late 1980s, an artist erected a bronze sculpture called “Charging Bull,” aka the Wall Street Bull,…

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Apr 20, 2017On The Dot

Sarah Collins: She’s Cookin’ Up Wonder in a Bag

In the Discovery Channel reality series Naked and Afraid, two contestants are—you guessed it—naked and afraid. Stay with me; there’s a point…

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Apr 19, 2017On The Dot

Abby Guyer: She’s Healing Kids With Music

When was the last time you had a song play on repeat in your head for hours at a time? What’s the…

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Apr 18, 2017On The Dot

Samantha Gilbert: She’s Throwing Out the Scale

If we’re being honest, most women will tell you we have a complicated relationship with food. Maybe it all started in high…

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Apr 17, 2017On The Dot

Nicole Smartt: She’s Embracing the Boss Life

Ladies, have you ever seen a tempting job listing but didn’t apply because you assumed the company would want a longtime local,…

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Apr 14, 2017On The Dot

Lauren Carson: She’s Empowering African-American Girls

When Viola Davis won the Oscar for best supporting actress in the film Fences, she delivered a raw and emotional acceptance speech…

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Apr 13, 2017On The Dot

Erin Albert: She’s an Advocate for Getting STEAMED

If you ask anyone what a pharmacist does, chances are they’ll respond with something menial, like, “count pills.” But like most careers,…

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Brittany Déjean_FI

Apr 12, 2017On The Dot

Brittany Déjean: She’s Helping People With Disabilities Thrive

Though Frida Kahlo contracted the debilitating disease polio at the tender age of 6, it was a nearly fatal bus accident at…

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Apr 11, 2017On The Dot

Heather Cabot and Samantha Walravens: She’s a Geek Girl Rising

I’ll never forget when I saw Mayim Bialik interviewed at the 2014 SAG Awards. A male red-carpet reporter asked whether people assume…

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Apr 10, 2017On The Dot

Holly Carter: She’s Giving Kids a Voice

Long before we all had what amounts to an electronic movie studio in our pockets, we had those bulky, black camcorders. That…

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Apr 7, 2017On The Dot

Amy Balliett: She’s Seattle’s Visual Techie

Education experts break down how people learn by categorizing learning styles into three key components: visual, auditory and tactile. If you’re a…

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Apr 6, 2017On The Dot

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh: She’s Voicing the Muslim Experience in America

Today, we’re celebrating our differences, championing an all-inclusive world and welcoming with open arms perspectives that may be dissimilar from our own.…

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